Long range professional binoculars

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● Brand name:BIJIA
● Product model:10X-120X80
● Lens diameter:50mm

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1. Model and Parameters:10 times range zoom Visual angle:236FT/1000YDS 78M/1000M AT10X.
2.Fine Focus Wheel:Unique non-slip handle design,simply turn the balance wheel to get clear screen,HD image.
3.Fine Tunig Right Eyepiece Vision:Due to difference in left and right eye,first adjust left eye clarity,then gently turn and move the right eyepiece,until you reach clear results.
4.Metal Texture,High Texture:Internal metal structure,external use rubber soft handle,Slip-free damage,high quality guarantee.
5.Lens wide-band green film:All-optical lens FMC broadband green film,high transmittance,no color difference,bright,clear and sharp imaging,reduce eye fatigue.
6.Optical Blue Film:All-optical glass lens eyepiece,coated high clear transparent blue film,high rates of transmission,strong ability to reflect light,clear and bright image.
7.Multiple Scale:This zoom range is 10.The white dot is a standard for you to adjust.

● Brand name:BIJIA
● Product model:10X-120X80
● Lens diameter:50mm
● Field of vision angle:8.3°
● Exit distance:11mm
● Prism system:Porro Prism
● Waterproof type:Living water proof
● Focusing mode:Central focus
● Field of view:78m/1000m
● Optical coating:Amber coating
● Net weight:1.94 Ib
● Close focus distance:5m
● Color:Black
● Size:197mmX177mm

BIJIA Series Products Configuration:
1.Nylon shoulder bag